Bat Repellents

There are a number of reasons why people will want to use humane methods when they are trying to get rid of bats, and a bat repellent is generally considered to be quite a humane way to solve the problem. Dealing with bats humanely is very important, as these creatures actually play a very important role when it comes to getting rid of flying insects such as mosquitoes. The down side of having bats in your property is that the urine and droppings of these animals are not only unsightly, but they can also transmit disease too.

The Theory Of Bat Repellents

Much like any other animal repellent, the key feature of any bat repellent is that it makes the bat want to leave the area without physically harming the animal.

There are a number of different products that are on the market promising to achieve just this, but the reality will often be a disappointment to many homeowners. These products do tend to command a big price tag, but their effectiveness is anecdotal at best, with many products being completely unsuccessful in repelling bats.

Chemical And Odor Based Repellents

These are some of the most common bat repellents that are commercially available, and will often have a very strong smell that is designed to make the roost very inhospitable to bats. Some products will have a chemically produced compound that is designed to drive the bats out of their roost, while other products will use naturally strong smelling compounds such as spearmint oil to try and get rid of the bats. 

In the vast majority of situations these products may be a little inconvenience for the bats, and may make them uncomfortable, but there is no evidence to suggest that they are truly a guaranteed way to get rid of bats. For this reason, money spent on this type of product is usually money wasted. The majority of these products will be able to make significant claims, but they aren't backed up by any scientific evidence. These types of repellents are often sold online, but a quick look at the reviews will often reveal many more tales of frustration rather than happy customers.

Audio Repellent Devices

Another type of product that is one the market for those looking for an easy solution to a bat infestation is the audio repellent device. The premise for these devices is that they will emit a high frequency sound that is inaudible to the human ear, but will fall within the audio range that can be heard by the bats. This type of product has been promoted as a solution to many different types of pest animals, ranging from moles and gophers through to squirrels and bats.

There is also very little evidence to suggest that a high frequency noise emitter is successful at repelling bats, and while it may have some successful examples, there are numerous people who have tried such devices and have been left disappointed. Another issue that some people have reported with using an audio repellent device is that they will find that it is just at the edge of the audio range, and is more likely to repel people than it is to repel bats.

The Humane Alternative To Deal With A Bat Infestation

The type of people who tend to use repellents will usually be those who want to evict the bats from their property where they are a nuisance, but won't really want to kill the animals. There are humane ways of solving a bat infestation, but it will often require a lot of work, which is why it is best to get a professional who will be able to solve the problem permanently. It is illegal to try and evict bats from a property during maternity season, which will usually run between April and August for the bats that are present in the USA.

In terms of the process that the bat removal expert will take, they will usually observe and explore the roost first, before installing one-way exit valves which will allow the bats to exit, but will prevent them from getting back into the roost. Once this has been completed and all the bats are out of the property, the area can be decontaminated and all the little holes and entry points can be sealed to prevent the bats from getting back to the roosting area.

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